Packaged and priced to cater to all needs, these beautiful and elegant all-purpose serving trays are individually poly-bagged, nest easily within each other for space savings, are hand washable for ease of maintenance, and laser engravable too. Be really creative because they are perfect for addition of vinyl appliques, decorating with paper mache, hand painting, bejewel adornment or other crafts uses.

Acrylic will not fade or yellow when exposed to the sun or UV Rays or under incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Cleaning is easy with just a warm water and liquid soap hand washing and then pat dry to eliminate any water spots.

Feature Performance

1. High hardness.

Color acrylic sheet has the highest hardness index among the same products currently and its average Rockwell hardness is 101

2. Excellent thickness accuracy.

The thickness tolerance is much higher than the national standard

3. Few foreign matters.

Special multi-layer filter unit and dust-free plant are used to eliminate the possible incorporation of impurities.

4. Stable quality.

The entire assembly line operates in the fully closed form meeting the pharmaceutical pure standard and at a constant temperature to ensure quality stability.