Wholesale Custom Art Paper Insert Tray Transparent Insert Se

Wholesale Custom Art Paper Insert Tray Transparent Insert Serving Tray

MULTI PURPOSE ACRYLIC SERVING TRAY – Wonderful organizer tray for by the door, on your desk, or in the bathroom. Great for the kitchen and bar. Also seamlessly transport glasses, plates, bowls, beverages, appetizers, coffee, wine and more both indoor and outdoors.

Shape: Acrylic Trays in different shape, such as square, rectangular, round , lip, triangle, etc, are made of high grade acrylic, so they’re equal parts sturdy and stylish. Clear and versatile.

Color: Offered in a variety of colors: Clear, Dark Green, Light Green, Medium Gray, Neon Light Blue, Neon Orange, Neon Red, mirror, glittle,marble , frosted,etc.

Usage: The acrylic trays are cute and fancy way to keep track of your items, Perfect display for items such as candy, small toys, Jewellry, cosmetics, collectibles, or crafting materials,.Our decorative acrylic trays offer a unique and transparent way to serve up some style. Use them to give your next dinner party a little something extra or for a pop of color as a kitchen accent. Or To be used in Hotel Bathrooms for displaying Amenities such as Lotions,Shampoo,soap.

Design: Glued trays, Bent trays, trays with laser cut handles , trays with metal handles, Flat trays, Wall acrylic trays, custom design is no problem for us.