A3 A4 A5 Acrylic POS Sign Holder

This sign holder is a great addition to any retail shop counter top display. The acrylic sign holder is easy to use and can display a single sided A3 size graphic in portrait format. The sign holder is designed with a slant to give people a better view of the sign when if is below eye level. These sign holders are cheap and can be displayed around any retail shop, restaurant or reception.

Posting sign holders around your shop will help emphasise sales, services or promotions that you have in store. They are also great if you want to protect your advertisements from everyday wear and tear. To use the sign holder, simply print your graphics on card and slide the A3 card into the side of the unit. This makes updating you sign holder a simple task.

A4 Acrylic POS Sign Holder

These sign holders we stock can be used as single sided portrait sign holders and are great as counter top displays. Our sign holders are manufactured using acrylic and can be used for all of your latest advertisements, promotions or notices. They have been designed to be easy to use and cater for a range of applications.

Sign holders are easy to use- simply slide your graphics into the side of the unit. This sign holder is slanted to provide maximum visibility of your signage for your customers and will provide you with a professional look to your advertisements.

Our sign holders are versatile and can be used in places such as cafes, museums or hotels. They are effective in advertising your products and services and are a great for protecting posters that would otherwise get damaged over time.

Acrylic A5 Counter Top Sign Holder

These acrylic sign holders are the cheapest and easiest way to add signage to your premises. They are ideal for shelves, counter tops, or anywhere that your promotional messages need to be changed or moved regularly to promote your products or specials. We also stock an Acrylic POS Sign Holder – A4 Format.

POS Sign Holders can be used in almost any retail business – from fashion boutiques and cafes, to hardware and electronics stores. These displays are the simple and versatile way to make your customers aware of prices, specials and the details of your products.