Custom plexiglass sign holders

Custom plexiglass sign holdersCustom plexiglass sign holders

material: high quality clear acrylic, morden design Packing: 60pc per carton

Packing: Knockdown construction

Custom plexiglass sign holders Acrylic signs are known by many names – plastic, plexiglass, and countless more. No matter the name, they all have the same task at the end of the day, which is to properly display your all-important signage.

At Liya, we carry the most important styles of sign holder such as top loading, bottom loading, and slant back, each with polished edges for a stand out appearance.Each type of plastic sign has its advantages over the other, but most of the time it comes down to preference. Slant back sign holders generally have a more sleek, modern, and minimalistic look to them. Bottom and top loading sign displays generally have the same look, but they each function differently.

A top loading sign holder features one solid piece of bent clear acrylic to form a base at the bottom with both folds at the end meeting at the top. It’s at this meeting point where one can separate both sides of the sign and insert their preferred material from the top.

These sign holders can also come with a raised triangle base that keeps the contents from getting damaged. These types of acrylic signs are generally found in bars and restaurants. A bottom loading sign holder is a display that, you guessed it, has material inserted from the bottom.

Bottom loading sign holders are made just like their top-loading brethren in that they are made with one solid clear acrylic sheet. However, the folds meet at the bottom and are bent to form the base.

No matter the type of sign holder you want, we believe we have the most comprehensive selection you’ll find.

Our stock options are available in portrait and landscape, each with an incredible array of sizing.

In addition to our acrylic sign holders, we also carry more affordable Economy Plastic versions and the tougher Break-Resistant models. On top off that, we also offer custom designs and printing – just contact us! At Liya, our daily goal is to give our customers the best selection and pricing. Now go forth, weary sign browser – you found the place you were destined to order from!