8.5x11 slant back economy plastic sign holder

Don’t let the name fool you! Our Economy Plastic Sign Holder line is one of the most affordable and smart purchases on the display market today. This reliable 8.5×11 inch Styrene Slant Back Plastic Sign Holder is the perfect minimalistic piece to keep the focus on the imagery within, and not the stand itself.

Priced at highly competitive case pack rates, we’re confident in not only getting you a fantastic deal, but a fantastic display piece as well.

8.5×11 slant back economy plastic sign holder

This slanted sign holder is crafted from injection molded plastic. This affordable material enables each desk top frame to be offered at wholesale pricing.

Customers can then purchase this molded plastic, slanted sign holder in bulk, for use in multiple business locations. Countertop display frames, like the ones seen here, are often used by a variety of industries, including retail stores, movie theaters, banks and more.

This slanted sign holder that angles back can be used by movie theaters to promote limited time offer, like specialty refreshments being offered to coordinate with a new movie release. This angled design enables patrons to easily read the entire advertisement. Retail locations often place plastic frames on checkout counters, encouraging customers to open a store credit card or return for a promotional event.

The clear plastic make of each slanted sign holder that is L-shaped will coordinate with any location it is placed in.

These signage display frames, like similar models crafted from acrylic, feature an easy to use design.

Each slanted sign holder that loads from the top enables users to easily remove and change displayed advertisements. Simply use the groove to easily remove your graphics.

Each slanted sign holder features a thumb notch to make print change outs that much easier.

This particular model is designed to hold standard, 8.5 x 11 signage. This slanted sign holder size is ideal for users to create their own advertisements on a home printer!

This print frame is intended for shoppers that are on a strict budget, and can’t afford the more costly acrylic units. Buy this slanted sign holder in large quantities to receive in larger discounts.

Product Features:

1. It has crystal-like transparency, the light transmittance is above 92%, the light is soft, the vision is clear, and the acrylic coloring with dye has a good color development effect.

2, acrylic board has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and surface gloss, and good high temperature performance.

3. Acrylic sheet has good processing performance. It can be used for both thermoforming and mechanical processing.

4. Transparent acrylic sheet has light transmittance comparable to glass, but its density is only half that of glass. In addition, it is not as fragile as glass, and even if broken, it does not form sharp fragments like glass.

5. The abrasion resistance of acrylic board is close to that of aluminum, with good stability and resistance to various chemical corrosion.

6. Acrylic board has good printability and sprayability. Adopting appropriate printing and spraying process can give acrylic products ideal surface decoration effect.

7. Flammability: Non-self-igniting but flammable and not self-extinguishing.