Slanted Sign Holder Acrylic Flyer Holder For Sale

Slanted Sign Holder Acrylic Flyer Holder For Sale

Slanted Sign Holder Acrylic Flyer Holder For Sale

Transparent acrylic pamphlet holder: use clear ad lhf-s84 manual holder to give your business literature the advantage of clarity and visibility, flyer organizer. Brochure Holder will display your information to your customers in the most effective way. Promotional materials are correct and accessible.

Every office must: the 4-tier brochure holder is an essential part of any office and needs its information to suit its customers. Lhf-s84 can help you deliver your information at the convenience of customers. Display your message using lhf-s84, which is easy to access.

4-tier manual rack with detachable dividers: This is a 4-tier brochure rack that can display up to 8 different brochures, flyers and brochures. Each layer has a central divider that can be removed to increase the width of the layer to fit the letter size brochure

Wall mounted or desktop: whether you want to put it on the table or on the wall, the decision is that your lhf-s84 has two keyholes on the back, which can be hung on the wall to save valuable counter space

Clear acrylic display stand: why only for products with promotional literature? Use it to organize your desk or your children’s room. Many layers and deep pockets with detachable partitions make it an ideal choice for desktop organizers. Use it to store mail, bills, memos, etc.

Ideal size, good quality

This is a high quality acrylic display shelf from clear ads. Like all other office accessories that clear ads, they are also high-quality products made of high-quality raw materials. The compact organizers are 5 / 12 “deep, 8% wide and 14” high. Each layer is 1 1 / 2 “deep with a central divider and can be removed.

Acrylic display stand is made of high grade hard and super transparent acrylic board. . 100 “thick acrylic sheet is designed to extend life without warping or discoloration. As a result, the product will maintain its good appearance year after year. It’s easy to clean and maintain.

Scientific separation of the number of layers to achieve maximum visibility

Each of the four levels of the desk organizer has scientific intervals to achieve maximum visual effect. Whether you put things on the fourth floor or the first floor, it’s equally easy to see, saving you time on which pamphlet to make a decision.

Plenty of space

Clear acrylic pamphlet holder and leaflet frame are designed conveniently and multifunctional. It can be hung on a wall lacking counter space or placed on a counter to induce people to pick up your brochure. Indestructible brochures for anyone who relies on flyers and brochures to promote their products and services

common problem

1. Is the sample available?

Yes, some samples are free. You only need to pay the freight.

How long does the package take?

The package usually takes 7-30 days to pass through the normal transportation method.

Can I have all kinds of colors?

Yes, mixed colors are available. Please leave a note to let us know what colors are needed for payment.

4. If you receive the wrong item?

Replacement will get no additional cost.

5. Don’t like things when you get them?

Please keep the item in the original package and the item can be returned at the buyer’s cost. Please continue to provide customer service for us to obtain the return address before returning the package.

6. Do you need to pay for other expenses?

Import duties, taxes and fees are not included in the price of the goods or the cost of transportation. These costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

7. Is customized design acceptable?

Yes, costom design, including measurement, color, shape, is popular.