Acrylic brochure holders wall mounted

Acrylic brochure holders wall mounted

The variety of sizes and number of pockets allows you to provide a neatly-displayed range of printed materials that passers-by can easily browse and pick up. The bottom of the pockets are ribbed, so you never have to worry about your tri-fold brochures or booklets curling and looking unprofessional. Our Brochure Holders are the solution you need to get your printed materials in the hands of your customers cleanly and effectively.


1) Consist of transparent acrylic sheet and 4sets of screws;

2) Brochure displays perfectly and extracts easily

3) Widely used in bank, bar, cafe, exhibition, retail shop, school, shopping center, specialty shop, super market and etc.;

4) Any other color, shape, dimensions or design with silk screen printing or engraving logo available.

Material selection

Why choose acrylic:

1.elegant design

2.High transparency, 98%, like crystal, plastic “queen”

3.The surface of high hardness and gloss

4.Good processing ability, easy dyeing and processing

5.Excellent weather resistance, not easy oxidation

6.Excellent overall performance

7.Non-toxic, resistance to chemical corrosion

8.Main product: Acrylic display