A great gift presentation can go well beyond the wrapping paper, ribbons and bows you typically think of. The right gift box can keep your presents safe and concealed, and be impressive all on their own.

Large or small, lidded or open, specialized boxes for gift cards and wine, and boxes made for special occasions like weddings – The Container Store has every kind of gift box you need to make your gifts as big of a surprise as possible.

What is Acrylic Gift Box?

It refers to a type of frameless container made from acrylic material that is designed uniquely for holding different kinds of gifts.

It comes in different designs, shapes as well as sizes, depending on varying factors.

In most instances, this type of gift box is always transparent.

It is exclusively used for carrying gifts.

Primarily, this type of box is used for holding the gifts and, at the same time, making it look more upscale.

How much does Acrylic Gift Box Cost?

The price of acrylic gift box ranges depending on a wide variety of elements.

Some of the factors that determine the cost of this item include size, shape, design, and the specific acrylic grade used in engineering the box.

Also, the value is determined by the extent of customization that you need as a customer.

Moreover, the type of finishing also determines the amount one would pay to acquire a particular acrylic box.

What’s more – the shipping cost and duty also determine the price of acrylic gift boxes.

Clearly, there is no fixed cost of acrylic gift boxes.

What Types of Acrylic Gift Boxes are there?

There are quite a number of acrylic boxes for gifts.

Some of the most common options include:

Clear scrap acrylic gift box –This is a type that is suitable for special occasions. They are unique hence creating a positive impact, especially to the recipient. They are also hardy and thus can last for ages.

Acrylic candy gift box – It is a type of gift box that is used specifically for gifting candies. It is available in many shapes and sizes. They can as well be used for many other more gifting intentions.

Printed acrylic gift box – As the name suggests, this type is somewhat personalized using specific prints on its surface. It could be the name, image, or specific message, which makes it stand out and come out as unique.

Ribbon acrylic gift box – It is a type designed with ribbons. It is unique and suitable for special gifting occasions. Besides, you can use it for general gifting purposes.

Wedding acrylic gift box – As the name suggests, it is designed for presenting gifts during weddings. . The size of this box is dependent on the number and type of items that you’d wish to place in it.

Rectangular gift box – It is also a general type of acrylic box that is used for a wide range of gifting needs. It is available in different sizes hence offering ideal gifting solutions.

How do you choose Acrylic Gift Box with Lid?

In most instances, you’ll find that many acrylic gift box come with lids.

Of course, the essence is to enclose the gift and to prevent it from many factors such as falling or interference.

However, you also need to understand that several factors also determine the choice of the acrylic box with lid.

One tip is determining the type of gift or gifts that you will place inside the box.

This way, you can be able to know the ideal type of box with a lid that you can choose to suit your needs.

The other aspect is determining the purpose of the gift.

In some instances, it would only be ideal to ensure that your gifts are enclosed in a gift box with lid.

On the other hand, it would not be indispensable for the same.

Another element that determines the aspect of choosing an acrylic box with lid is needed for customization.

Some people would desire to personalize their gifts and boxes to the extent of making sure that the lid also matches or compliments the other parts of the gift box.

The cost of purchasing an acrylic gift box with lid is also another essential factor when it comes to making this choice.

Ideally, some would be relatively costly, whereas others would be affordable.

It all depends on different factors.

Where can you use Acrylic Gift Boxes?

There are many applications of acrylic gift boxes.

They include:

Birthday celebrations – It is the most common area where the use of acrylic gift boxes tend to dominate worldwide.

Many people, especially friends and family members, often treasure such special days.

And one of the ways of demonstrating that they value you is by gifting you several birthday gifts often enclosed in this kind of a box.

Wedding occasions – It is also another life-accomplishment event that many people treasure. For that reason, the guests and other attendees always find it easy to contain valuable presents in this type of gift box.

Staff end year parties – In the corporate world, acrylic gift boxes are used to contain cherished gifts to different personnel who’ve stood out in various categories within the company.

In most instances, the ribbon acrylic gift box is often preferred, mainly due to uniformity.

Holiday celebrations – The most decorated holiday celebration where exchange of gifts seems to be a common phenomenon among many people.

Storage – Typically, you can convert this item and use it for storing your precious jewelry pieces and other fashion accessories.

All you can probably do is make a divider for the box so that it makes it easy for you to arrange the accessories.

Home décor – You can as well use this type of box for decorating your household once you have received the gift rather than disposing it off.

Artistically, such boxes make create some of the amazing home adorations.

Organizer – This is also another typical area of using acrylic gift box. You can turn it into an organizer for arranging different items in the house or even at your workplace.

What Shape options are there for Acrylic Gift Boxes?

The shape options for acrylic gift boxes designs are quite several.

Some of the common ones include the following;

Heart shape acrylic gift box

Rectangular acrylic gift box

Micro-blading acrylic gift box

Cube shape acrylic gift box

Square acrylic gift box

Pyramid shape acrylic gift box

Egg shape acrylic gift box

Hexagon shape acrylic gift box

How do you Customize Acrylic Gift Boxes?

You can use several techniques to customize acrylic gift boxes. Some of the ways include the following;

Shaping – It necessarily implies modeling the gift box to a particular preferable shape.

Given that you can opt for different configurations, this allows you to customize specific one that suits the required needs.

Printing – You can as well decide to print an image or message relevant to the gift on the surface of this box.

Partitioning – Depending on the size of the acrylic gift box, and the number of items, you can as well choose to divide it into different partitions. This is also known as organizer.

Tinting – It is also possible to use a colored acrylic material that provides a shade complementing the theme of the celebration.

Which Add-on Features do Acrylic Gift Boxes come with?

Lockable lids; which help in enhancing the safety of the items inside the box from falling or access, especially by intruders.

Organizer; it enables the user to arrange the gifts in order in these different partitions of the acrylic gift box.

Ribbons; they enhance the overall appearance of the box and the gifts. Also, in some instances, they help in improving or complementing the theme of the occasion.

Hinges; these are mostly common with acrylic gift boxes that have lids that are somewhat permanently fixed on them.

Prints; are used as a way of conveying the level of personalization of the gift, which the recipient can fully relate with. They can be in form of images or wordings, among others.

How do you Check Quality of Acrylic Gift Boxes?

Several specific tests are often used to determine the quality level of acrylic gift boxes.

Most of these tests are based on the property of gift boxes when subjected to different conditions.

Some of these tests include; temperature tolerance, Freon compatibility, wet and dry acrylic gift box behavior, and stress tolerance, among others.

What are the Benefits of Using Acrylic Gift Boxes?

They make the gift look more upscale, which is essential since it enhances the value of the product.

They secure the gifts by preventing them from squeezing, shaking, UV radiations, water as well as other related elements.

They enhance marketing and promotion of your products, especially in the corporate sector.

Customized acrylic gift boxes also demonstrate sincerity and, at the same time, enhances creativity.

Are there Limitations on Acrylic Gift Boxes Sizes?

Not certainly.

Given that it is easy to fabricate acrylic material, it thus makes it possible to form acrylic gift box of any type.

And that is the reason you can find a wide range of these boxes when it comes to size.

With this information, you should be able to choose a suitable acrylic gift box for your business.