We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of acrylic boxes, providing customized and wholesale services, all shapes and sizes can be manufactured according to your needs.

Acrylic boxes are widely used and can be used in retail, store, and display. Because it is shipped from the factory, we can provide cheap acrylic boxes, you can choose the ones with lids, holiday gift boxes, etc.

Features of Acrylic Box:

1. Any shape, size, and color can be customized;

2. The appearance is high-end, stylish, beautiful, and light;

3. You can silk-print the company’s LOGO or paste the advertisement screen;

4. It can be made according to the customer’s artwork (customized drafts and samples are welcome);

5. Free choice of materials such as acrylic or chevron board;

6. You can choose the thickness of the material, with professional design for professional advice.

The role of the acrylic box:

The acrylic box I believe that many friends may not know what it is when they hear this name, but after explaining it, you will understand. It is that we often see that many crafts are placed in a transparent solid box, in fact, that is an acrylic box.

We also watch it on some conference tables, that is, a sign with the name of the guest, etc. Acrylic boxes are used in our lives. Acrylic hexahedral plexiglass craft boxes are one acrylic box. It can make the goods in the store more tidy and beautiful.

A specific design, I a small and relatively independent three-dimensional design. It embodies the sense of the value of plexiglass crafts and maximizes the grade and taste of plexiglass crafts. Bonding technology plays an important role. It can make the displayed products more high-grade but also play a protective role to avoid scratches, breaks, and so on.

I think that its use will change with people’s needs, and I hope we can make better use of it.

Our acrylic box wholesale and exported to Australia, Britain, Pakistan, Canada, the United States, etc.