Clear acrylic is a shatter resistant material that is attractive enough for museum displays and home collectors but yet durable enough for trade shows and retail stores. Not only is it available in several different thicknesses, but it is also available with special coatings that can protect your valuables from sun damage, reduce the glare, or both. Plus, acrylic has clarity second to none. It’s ability to have clean glue joints and polished edges create a professional looking finished product.

custom size acrylic display box with black base

5 sided clear acrylic box – custom size

custom acrylic display stands

custom acrylic box frame

clear acrylic boxes wholesale

black acrylic box

custom acrylic displays

We specialize in custom fabrication orders! We can create custom cases for your products or valuables so you can breathe a sigh of relief while they are on display. Regal can also design and produce the stand on which to place your valuables. Bring us your custom project, and let us help you come up with the best display case solution.

Our custom sized acrylic box are perfect for your dolls, art sculptures, museum displays, collector items or anything that you would like displayed inside of a safe and secure display case.

Your custom acrylic case are handmade, and built with care.

Main feature and advantage:

*High quality and transparency

* Widely used. Our product is suitable for different places

* Durable. Our product is more solid than glass boxes.

* Very easy to clean up. Our acrylic products is very smooth to clean.


100% Handwork For All Prodcuts

100% A-grade Import New Raw Material

Big Factory 19 Years Produce and Sales

Professional Designer and Technologist

Best Quality,Good Pre and After Service


Great product needs top packaging design to help it stand out, we can catch the frontier trend and create an eye-catching packaging design from a concept.

There is a professional designer team in our company who knows much about leading trend of packaging and respects client’s idea.

They are rather good at offering low cost solutions or alternatives to contribute to our business. Working with them must give you a great experience.