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What do I need to prepare for acrylic?

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  At present, I have seen many acrylic products in life. Many of them are made by the corresponding customized services provided by acrylic manufacturers. This is also to meet everyone's needs for acrylic products. Acrylic custom-made enterprises with good services will provide buyers with many suggestions based on the use and usage of acrylic products. So let us understand what needs to be prepared in advance for acrylic custom-made?
What do I need to prepare for acrylic?

  1. Product specifications

  When customizing acrylic, we must first determine the specifications of this product, that is, how big the acrylic product should be. This is the first aspect that needs to be communicated with the acrylic manufacturers in advance. Although the customization of acrylic products is based on a larger acrylic sheet. It is cut on top, but if we have larger specifications for acrylic products, manufacturers also need to find a large piece of acrylic for cutting;

  2. Product drawings

  In addition, if you have high requirements for custom-made acrylic products, such as making large-scale products such as acrylic showcases, you also need to provide custom-made drawings of the products, and mark the shape and size of the products on the drawings so that the custom-made acrylic business can proceed smoothly. This requires us to have some control and conception of the customized finished products in advance when looking for acrylic custom enterprises;

  3. Color requirements

  Acrylic custom companies with better services provide different colors of acrylic sheet. Although the acrylic products we see everyday are basically transparent, you can also ask manufacturers to add colors according to the product situation. Acrylic custom companies provide more color schemes. , You can choose the appropriate color to make according to the purpose of the product in advance;

  At present, the demand for acrylic customization is very large, so if we can have a certain idea of ​​the finished product before customizing, and can draw product drawings based on the idea, we can reduce the cost of communication with acrylic custom manufacturers, in a short time Within the time, you can reach the manufacturer's intention to customize, and save time for both parties.