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Clear acrylic tray wholesale

Clear acrylic tray wholesale

* Large tray; great for everyday trays, indoor and outdoor use Lucite tray * Plastic trays Coffee table tray beautiful nice and sturdy acrylic * Dimensions 16x12x2. 5 inches * Great ideal for serving bowls, and cups, perfect for serving app
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clear acrylic tray wholesale
clear acrylic tray wholesale
Clear acrylic tray wholesale
Clear acrylic tray wholesale
Clear acrylic tray wholesale

  Clear acrylic tray wholesale

  1. Entirely made of durable crystal acrylic with light weight but elegant design.

  2. All sizes, colors, logos, and designs can be made as your request.

  3. We promise to provide you products with good quality and competitive price.

  4. Punctual delivery time.

  How to clean and maintain acrylic products?

  1) Generally speaking, using soft cloth clean it is ok.

  2) If the dirty is worse, put crystal products in cleaning water, then use a soft cloth.

  After that, take it out and dry it. When you see it seems half dry, just use soft cloth is ok. Do not use any acid, alkaline, and alcohol to wash.

  3) Besides, reduce heating time as much as possible, to avoid oxidation of yellowing.


  Q: How long can I get the quotation?

  A:As normal once receipt of RFQ we will provide the quotation within 24 hrs but no later than 3 days , pls advise if any urgent request.

  Q: Can you provide the sample for quality reference?

  A:We can provide the some free samples for reference but customer need pay for the shipment cost.

  Q: Can you accept prototype or OEM/ODM?

  A:OEM/ODM are acceptable, besides the prototype cost can be refundable once the order reach our MOQ.

  Q: How long about your lead time?

  A: It depends on the different products , for most normal or simple products ,the shortest lead time is about 1 days , so as usual our lead time is about 15 -30 days for different products . Anyway quick response and short turnaround time are always our advantage to support customer needs.

  Q: What’s our advantage?

  A:High quality and Competitive price