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Clear acrylic planter box wholesale

Clear acrylic planter box wholesale

hoose acrylic box. Part of it is transparent and part of it has frame. This is mainly to prevent the mud from being seen. The color of the product is also very good.
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Clear acrylic planter box wholesale
Clear acrylic planter box wholesale


  Q:Minimum Order Quantity?

  A:MOQ is 200pcs, if your quantity is ok, sample is available.

  Q:What's the sample fee , could I get free sample?

  A:For some items with small size and ordinary color, free sample will be possible when the order is more than MOQ.

  For items with special color and size , we could charge for a little sample with freight in your side. But we promise to refund the sample price difference when certain quantity order is placed.

  Q:If I order big quantity, what's the good price?

  A:Please send the detailed inquiry to us, such as the Item Number, Quantity for each item, The size,The pictures, Quality request, Logo, Packing details,Payment Terms, Transport method, Discharge place etc.

  Q:Does the packaging safe and arrive in good conditions?

  A:Yes, Safe Packing guarrantee, all the paintings will arrive your door under

  good conditions. We response to problem of shipping if there unfortunately is.

  Q:Can you do Customization & Reproduction if I provide a photo or a famous painting?

  A:Yes, we do Customization & Reproduction service, please check the details and sample above. You need to send the pictures to our email, tell us the sizes you want to paint, then we will quote you an exact price. We will take photos for you check after the painting is finished before post.