Our Three Sided Acrylic Sign Holder is the perfect table top companion for any business looking to maximize promotional messaging to their customers. Made from crystal clear acrylic, your 5″ x 7″ marketing material gets a unique display with a smaller footprint than using multiple sign holders. You’ll find this popular 3-sided sign frame being used in top restaurants, hotels and retail establishments.

Clear acrylic construction is both lightweight and durable with a hollow center for condiments or beautiful centerpieces

Easy to use by lifting the bottom of the frame apart to slide old graphics out and replace

Plastic table tent is perfect for offices, restaurants, store fronts and events

Display anything from desert menus at restaurants, memorandums at the office or table numbers at weddings and showers

3 separate panels with viewable area per panel: 5”W x 7”H

Bottom loading design allows for quick and easy sign change.

3-sided viewing displays 3 different menu cards or advertisements in one convenient holder.

Clear acrylic construction ensures durability and full visibility of signage.

Ideal tabletop frame for menu cards, advertisements, product information, pricing, POP signs, general information and more.

5×7 Three Sided Acrylic Sign Holder

This clear frame is an acrylic sign holder with three acrylic fold-over panels for 5″ wide by 7″ high graphics. The large size is ideal for menu listings or other promotional signage for tabletop advertising. This acrylic sign holder, such as a table tent, is used in restaurants to display new dessert or appetizers. The fold-over design makes it easy to change out signage at a moments notice.

This acrylic sign holder can be changed out by sliding old graphics out through the bottom and replacing with new prints or menus. There are no clips or latches to fumble with; just slightly pull the frame apart and the signage will come out. This acrylic sign holder is designed to hold 5″ x 7″ prints. This size is also a common choice for photos, enabling users to use this tri-panel frame for personal pictures.

Use this acrylic sign holder, table tent, to entice diners to purchase dessert or appetizers. The three panels provide ample advertising space to list various menu items, or announce a special promotion or event. Place this acrylic sign holder on each tabletop to increase exposure.

The center of the triangular shaped frame is hollow allowing extra storage space for a condiment bottle, or additional napkins. This acrylic sign holder is the ideal frame for tabletop advertising.