Clear acrylic 5x7 sign holder

Clear acrylic 5x7 sign holder

clear acrylic 5×7 sign holder,CRYSTAL CLEAR ACRYLIC: This 2mm thick Acrylic Sign Holder has a 100% light transmittance, which is more than that of all plastic. You will be able to see all details in magnificent color of any sign you want to display within

PORTRAIT OR LANDSCAPE:This Acrylic Sign Holder firmly stands on its own in a portrait or landscape layout, without being mounted to the wall

ELEGANT DESIGN:Perfect for the modernist who enjoys a clean and high tech design. This frame makes the perfect apply to any restaurant,desk,shopping mall,home decoration as a picture frame,wedding,office and so on

HIGHLY DURABLE: This acrylic is of much higher grade and about than most of the competition. This frame can endure any impact and will last a lifetime